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The focus of this web site is to show you what kind of web page Web Locomotion can create for you or your company. We are looking for individuals and small business that still do not have online presence (or that they have a poor online presence) and that want to expand their business.

Web Locomotion will take care of all the technical stuff, so you can focus on your business. Web Locomotion can help you expand your business through Internet by selling your goods, services and/or information to the rest of the world. Literally, to the whole world.

Web Locomotion is a startup company and has flexibility in its business model for the initial deployment. We work as freelancers, creating a web site, static or dynamic, for a previously determined price. We will talk to you about your needs, create the site under your supervision and give it to you or upload it to your hosting service for a fixed fee. Once the site is up and running and you give the aproval, the web page is yours. The web site will be provided "as is". If you require extra maintenance, upgrades, updates or any other service, any extra work will be charged accordingly.

We work with Open Source software that is rock solid and it is maintained and upgraded by a large community of developers all around the world. Security is a main concern for this community of developers and they work very hard to make their sotfware as secure as possible. An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is mandatory if you have customers entering personal information in your web site. An SSL certificate will encrypt the information exchanged between two computers avoiding third parties to access that information.

Creating a web page involves much more work than most people realize. There is a lot of time involved in:


You have to plan the structure, the design, and the content of your web site.

  • How is going to look your home page, which is the most important page in your site, where most users are going to land?
  • How are you going to determine your main navigation menu, so it is easy for users to navigate your site and easy for you to show the users your products or services?.
  • What kind of pictures are you going to use?. How many?.


This is where Web Locomotion stands out. We will have a meeting with you (if possible) or communicate with you about the different possibilities available. We will choose some templates that we think might be good for your business and we will adapt this template further to your needs.

  • Images are so important now a days on Internet. Users get impressions with a good image spotted in the right place. In a shopping cart an image and its presentation is 50% of the sale. Of course, competitive prices and credibility make the other 50%.
  • Content is crucial. It is as important to users as to Search Engines. Search Engines are the tools that bring you the clients to your site. This is where we need to work the most, to create a web site rich in content with a nice design, that will work for Search Engines and users at the same time.
  • Know-how. There is a lot of technical stuff involved that needs to be managed properly. Web Locomotion has this know-how and will apply it to your site. Some of the technical issues involved are: domain name, hosting, software, modules, plugins, add-ons, SEO, php programming language, database mysql, web server apache, administration, gateway processor, shipping, order processing, etc. If you don't know most of this stuff, don't worry, we will take care of that.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are some techniques that we can use to position your web site on top of others and it is called Search Engine Optimization. How do users on Internet could find out about your web page?. Because they make a search in search engines and this search engines return the results of this search for specific keywords. We need to optimize your site for these keywords and make it show on the top of the list in the search results, so more users will land on your web site. This is a very important step in the success of a site.


Once the web site has been created in a local environtment and has been aproved by both sides, then it is time to go live. We will upload the web site to your hosting account to make sure that the web site works as well online as it did in the developing machine.

Web Locomotion benefits:

  • Web solutions for individuals and small business
  • Ecommerce and content management systems
  • Flexible adaptation to the client needs
  • Low cost for the client.
  • Custom web site with professional designed templates.
  • You can sell online worldwide.
  • No hidden fees, no surprises, no small letters. Everything will be specified in writting with big fonts.
  • We want to be your partner. We want you to benefit from our technical expertice, and we want to have an extended relationship with you or your company. We will do as much as possible to keep you happy and to keep you as our client.
  • We will train you. We know a lot of people is going to need training, so they can update information dynamically online, or they can process the orders, payments, shipping, etc. We will teach you how to do it in one-on-one encounters or with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • One stop to your necessities. Expand your business at low cost to you. We can maintain your site, upgrade, update, troubleshoot, and whatever is needed for the web site to be in optimal conditions for a low hourly charge.
  • Rock solid software. We work with open source software that is maintained and upgraded by a large community of developers from all over the world. These developers are constantly adding features and upgrading the software.
  • Your opinion counts. We will do whatever is in our hands to make you happy. Your opinion is very important to us.

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