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These are most of the steps involved in creating the dynamic web page with ecommerce functions:
  • Get a domain name for your site. The domain name is very important. It is the first thing that Search Engines see. The more descriptive is to your business the better.
  • Select a template from the different 150 templates that Web Locomotion carries.
  • Create a blueprint of your web site structure. It is very important that the site is easy to navigate and it is well organized.
  • Collect as much images as possible about your products, services or company. Logo, corporate images, backgrounds, stationery, etc, are also important.
  • Provide content information for products (like description, sizes, colors, prices, etc)
  • Open a gateway processor account to be able to process credit cards online.
  • Open an account with a shipping company to be able to ship your goods.
  • Create any interactive forms so users can apply, communicate, give their opinion, or generally interactive with you or your business.
  • Integrate any add-ons to the software framework that are interesting for your business (slideshows, online reservation systems, shopping cart, guest book, newsletter, etc).

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