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Web Locomotion LLC was created at the beggining of the summer of 2009 by a single entrepreneur, Tomas Perez Zafon, founder of the company. Web Locomotion began as an idea pretty soon in its stages, an idea to help individuals and small businesses to get online exposure. Mr. Perez was always trying to find new ways to make business that will benefits other people too.

Whenever we need to find a model for your business, for architecture, for any purpose, there is no better place than to take a look at Mother Nature. In nature you can see seamless examples of symbiosis between animals, which implies close or long-term interactions between two different animals, same or different species. Some symbiosis relationships are bad, like parasitic symbiosis, where one animal feeds from the other, but there is no balance in the relationship between them. The type of symbiosis we were looking for was the mutualistic symbiosis, where each individual derives a fitness benefit from each other. And this is how our business model was born.

We decided to work with indiduals and small business to mutually benefit from each other. We will provide them our technical expertise, knowledge of software, knowledge of background mechanisms that make Internet what it is today, and our valuable time to provide the means to these individuals or businesses to expand their sales and their business online. We are looking for an explicit implication of long-term relationships, because we are people working together and profiting from each other equally on both sides. The more successful our clients are, the more we will be. That's why Web Locomotion will work hard to take the necessary steps to optimize the web pages for Search Engines to increase traffic and to grow the sales output of each web site it creates.

Our mission is to grow and expand at the same exponential speed as our clients. We want to create long term relationships that benefit both sides, in both aspects of life, business and personal.


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