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This is a list of the services provided:

  • Content Management Systems. These systems are software platforms where you can add, update, and upgrade the content of your web page dynamically. That means, you don't need know about HTML, or PHP, or XML, to update your page, you can do it on the fly, while your web page is active.
  • Ecommerce. You can sell online your products and reach the whole world. You no longer need to sell locally, even if you have a real brick and mortar shop.
  • Design. This is a very important factor in the web site creation. Taste is a subjective matter, of course, but there are some organic guidelines or rules that need to be followed to get the sense of "good taste" in a specific design. This is like trying to define what is "common sense". Organically, you know what it is, but you don't know how to define it. We use the best templates on the market, done by professional designers, that use "common sense" in their design principles.
  • Integration. This involves adding features to the software, creating new capabilities, and being able to combine the information with other systems. We can create a web page with multiple features: shopping cart, forum, blog, multimedia showcase, picture gallery, social networking, etc. The possibilities are endless.

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